Bostwick Energy Partners Energy Consulting Services

We Lower Your Energy Costs

Energy deregulation has given businesses many options to manage their electricity, natural gas, and oil costs. Few companies are aware of these options. Even fewer are well positioned to capitalize on them. Thats where we come in.

We Obtain the Best Energy Prices

Our firm leverages relationships with energy suppliers while creating competition that drives down energy prices and negotiates the most favorable contract terms for our clients. Further, we continuously monitor your costs and market trends by utilizing our proprietary energy software.

Let Us Help You Start Saving Today

With a brief discussion about your current energy expenses, we can immediately begin executing a strategy to reduce your overall energy costs. We can starting saving you money immediately!

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''Limited federal and state funding forced us to act preemptively and seek solutions that will protect our finances for future years to come. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with Bostwick Energy Partners as it continues to monitor our energy usage and negotiate contracts on our behalf.''

Paul Caverly - Director, Belmar Housing Authority


You want to lower and control energy costs but you’re bombarded by complex contracts and unclear prices from 3rd party suppliers. We remove the complexity energy deregulation. Our job is to manage and execute competitive energy bidding, drive down energy prices and obtain the most favorable contract terms. With understanding and experience of the full spectrum of options available, we put you in position to save money on energy costs.


Not sure if solar panels are a good decision? Are you trying to forecast your utilities budget for next year? Closing down or opening up new operations? Our team can assist in analyzing the impact these decisions have when it comes to energy costs. By doing so, we can accurately build energy budgets, forecast energy investment paybacks, and quantify the impact to energy costs due to changes in operations or energy efficiency investments. This allows you to get out in front of energy costs so there are no surprises in the future.


Incorrect energy bills from the utility and 3rd party suppliers are widespread. Further, 3rd party supplier energy contracts often contain hidden provisions that can significantly increase costs down the line. We continuously monitor your electricity, natural gas, and other energy bills to ensure you’re being charged accurately. In addition, when buying energy, we expertly review contracts to ensure there are you get what you are paying for.

Why choose Bostwick Energy Partners?

  • We work solely on your behalf, we have no obligation to a utility or 3rd party supplier.
  • Few competitors have experience working at 3rd party suppliers or on the client side. Our principal has both; giving us unique insight on both sides of the energy management industry.
  • Our fees are upfront and transparent, there is no mystery on how much we are being paid.
  • We’ve utilized our technological background to keep our costs low which means we can beat the cost of many consultants.